Files -

This is the reason for the website - I really felt bad using our squadron website to stick stuff out there and eat up bandwith.

There are three sections:

Track files: these are files that record flying actions within the IL-2: Forgotten Battles software, which is really, really cool.  Usually they involve me getting shot down, avoiding getting shot down, or very cool things my squad mates have done.  I normally don't edit them for fear of corrupting them - what you see is how I saw it - but with the "manual view" function within FB you can easily change this.

Movie files: These are screen capture films from the above.  I'm no film maker, that's for sure!  Indeed, I entered the contest held by UBISoft for IL-2 simply to get a t-shirt.  Some of them are from other makers, and are very professionally done.

Other files: Random stuff I'll put up in case the file is too big to email someone.  If you're just surfing this site, chances are it's really nothing interesting for you.