Most of these are zipped up, but are either .wmv or .avi files that don't use anything but standard codecs that come with Windows.  Movies I think are cool get a yellow title.

Please right click and save...

"When to say When"

A perfect example of vertical and horizontal scissors - and, naturally, since I was involved, a surprise ending!

42 MB, .wmv zipped, and what fun!

"Getting Out While the Getting's Good"

Gee, everyone is hitting me all the time; what happened to just shooting me down?

18 MB, at least I got the last laugh! 

"Zoom and Boom"

This is the movie from the SimHQ article giving an overview on how to make IL-2 movies.

23.6 MB of over-anxious Germans doing most everything right - until the end, naturally. 

"Three Point Take-Off"

I hadn't flown in a couple weeks owing to Real Life commitments, but I finally got some online time.  This short film shows my second take off and the mayhem that ensued immediately after!

21 MB of doing it wrong - but with style!

"Somebody's Bombing With the Dauntless"

A nice bit of flying with my squaddies - except it kinda went a bit katywhompus enroute.  That darned Billfish never gives up!

60 MB of flight, but I thought it was pretty cool!

"Stukas, Folke-Wulfs, and Other Hazards"

During a Clash of Titans tournament session a few weeks ago I had quite a little run, finding myself in a "target rich" environment.  With a bit of luck and some moxie, I got more of them than they got of me!

While I am the last to brag, a darned good showing - though I still can't believe I hit the Stuka with rockets while inverted!

There was some track weirdness that translate to the film.  All rockets hit!

Here you go, 45.8 MB of flying goodness!

"Flying For the First Time" music video!

Note - these are now .zip files to keep bandwith issues from crashing the site.

David "Tolwyn" Shaw wrote some lyrics and put them to music - a little ditty about virtual flying and IL-2 just before IL-2:FB came out.

With his permission, I put video with it, using online tracks (recordings) to put pictures to sound.  It's as about as good as my flying, which is to say it's gooder enough to make one smile.

All three files are .wmv format, as I am really, really cheap and so used FRAPS to capture them and Windows Movie Maker to put it together.

"Flying_FTFirst_Time_small" - 13.8 MB, my apologies to dial up folks - that's as small as I could get it and have it look decent.

"Flying_FTFirst_Time_medium" - 29.9 MB, for broadband folks that aren't willing to commit to...

"Flying_FTFirst_Time_big" - 54.9 MB, looks good at 800x600 - indeed, if you make your desktop that size and play it full screen it's much like IL-2 looked on my POS GeForce2 card!

 Mirror - please only use if link above doesn't work

Big thanks to everyone that flys on HyperLobby, particularly the Wing Walkers (see link page to get to their squadron).  If you ever want to get great footage of three or four 190's acting as a team to shoot you down, look for the WW's!

"Clash of Titans Factory Strike"

Our first mission in the tournament! What does the 2GvSAP squadron look like on ground attack?  This five minute long movie shows our usual tactics and results.  The Clash of Titans tournament looks like it's going to be a great time.  I suggest everyone goes to the links page and clicks on the II/JG1 symbol!

"2GvSAP Strike: Ships on Target"

I try to get a little artsy, but don't worry - this one is pretty good, actually, and I even avoided polka for the music!  Great display of dive and skip bombing against ships.  I think I'm getting the resolution stuff down, it looks okay on 1024x768 full screen.  Like most movies, this is mostly made for internal squad kicks.

"Northern Fleet Strikes the U-Boat"

Inspired by the movies "Torpedo Bombers" - The Soviets have discovered a disabled U-Boat is being towed by the Germans for repairs.  A strike is assembled to deal with it.  No dog fighting, but I liked it.  Not perfect, this went from first cut to the website.

"Tipperary" movie, showcasing some "Aces" planes!

To heck with a jet - check out the biplane action!

"Looking Out My Back Door" movie with music!

I turned on the mirror to the Hurricaine IIb and was amazed to see it actually worked!

Naturally, I had to make a little movie and put it to a favorite CCR song - altered to make it "rip proof" and to fit.

Buy their music on I-tunes or at your local record store.

In zip format, right click this to save the video...


Other movies you might find amusing...

2GvSAP Charlie Takes on the Hun - 25MB, my good squaddie put up a track file of an interesting happening while practicing in a P-38.  Naturally I had to record it in "Arcade" mode and voice over the parts of the AI.

"Rocket Strike!" - 2GvSAP Boomer decided to fire some rockets at long distance, hoping to make the 109 turn and get into gun range.  Life is full of suprises....

"Linking Up" - 25.5 MB, it's a film on hanging an I-16 under a TB-3...the long awaited SPB in action!

"Ring Gunnery" - 10 MB, I was trying to see if the RAF manual actually works - and it does!  Wow, I figure this gunnery thing out and it'll be a whole new sim!

"Closer" - 20MB, it's how close I try to get before firing.

"Closer_2" - 13.5 MB, sometimes it doesn't matter how close you are, you can still miss!

"Not Enough Runway" - Who thought landing a P-39 would be so hard?  Wingnut, a fellow squaddie, made this film for me and added sound effects.

"Fire Control" - What to do when an engine on a 262 catches fire?  Get rid of it on landing!

"Fire Plan Three" - One again, an engine catches fire due to flak, this time in a P-38.  Good thing I've go two of them; had to get rid of one of them!