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The 1946 compilation DVD is out.  Buy it. Now.

29 August 08:

Once again I've lost and had to replace this page with an older version.  I seriously need to rework this site from scratch.

15 August 07:

I have no idea what happened to the version of this page with the stuff since November of last year.  Sigh.

Anyhow, a bit of a nightmare with the server - offline for three weeks.  There's a long story behind it, but at the end of the day it was all fixed.  Let's just say that Jeff, head honcho and chief bottle washer at Colomart is a real stand up guy - and the temp tech help dudes that backstops him when he goes on vacation aren't.

Rather than try to recreate all the crap I wrote before, I'll sum up:

SimHQ articles I've written so far:

How to skip bomb

Roger, OUT!

Intro to IL-2 "how to" articles.

Ground Attack with a Fighter

Getting Your Purchase Order Past the Comptroller

How to Participate in an FM/DM debate

The right names for airplane parts.

The Ultimate Difficulty Setting

NOW you tell me!

Confessions of an Elitist


How to Make Movies from Flight Sims

Saitek X52 HOTAS review

Saitek X52PRO and Pedals Review

Falcon 4.0: Allied Force Review Parody

I think I'm forgetting one or two, to be honest.  Or maybe that there's one or two pending publication.  Either way, I'm taking this time to do a little chest thumping.  It's okay, as nobody ever looks at this part of the site anyways!

29 November 06:

 It's been one of those times when I simply have been overcome by work and family stuff, including a short getaway to Vegas.  My "finish these" folder is full of junk I need to get done for SimHQ - a couple reviews and articles.  Geez, all I need to do is proofread them for splleing msitakes and get them out of my box!

I waited until my new computer arrived before diving back into movie making.   As always, there's about three of them working....but chances are I'll wind up cranking out a fourth from start to finish in an evening based on something interesting happening online.

My poor system has been parted to death, and for the Big Leap I decided to just buy a whole new system from Alienware.  Not a bad deal, as it came out to about 500 USD vs. what I could part it for, and with a free upgrade to Vista.

Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Extreme X6800 2.93GHz 4MB Cache 1066MHz FSB
Operating System (Office software not included):
Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 - Free Upgrade to Windows Vista Premium!
Chassis: Alienware® P2 Chassis - Space Black
Chassis Upgrades: Alienware® AlienIce™ 3.0 Video Cooling + High-Performance Liquid Cooling - Terra Green
Power Supply: Alienware® 750 Watt Multi-GPU Approved Power Supply
Motherboard: Alienware® Approved NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI Motherboard
Memory: 2GB DDR2 Performance SDRAM at 800MHz - 2 x 1024MB
System Drive: Extreme Performance (RAID 0) - 500GB (2 x 250GB) Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7,200 RPM w/ 2 x 8MB Cache
Storage Drive: Additional Storage Drive - 250GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7,200 RPM w/ 8MB Cache
Primary CD ROM/DVD ROM: 16x Dual Layer DVD±R/W Drive
Graphics Processor: Dual 512MB NVIDIA® GeForce™ 7900 GTX - SLI Enabled

Been saving up for two years, and now it's here!

Simply gorgeous graphics that run at a blinding speed!

20 Aug 06:

I got another article posted on SimHQ, just a funny bit I wrote.  I forgot to put the one before this in the "news" section!  I guess I should link to them as well.

If you're reading this, thank you.  The feedback has been very helpful in email - there were still some broken links!

I haven't advertised it yet, but there's a new training movie on how to use the gun sight ring to determine distance to targets and how it relates to convergence.

14 July 06:

Yep, it's been a long time since I've added to the site or done much other than post a little on the forums.  It's been a wild and busy last six months with a lot of time on the road with work; bonus plan - we're two people short, but the work load has gone up!

I haven't had time to fly, let alone make movies, but this last two weeks I just put on extra coffee and started back to flying heedless of the circles under my eyes during the day. 

Wow, last week I was just horrible.  I mean WORSE than ever!  But for some reason everything just got better this week, and I actually shot down some enemy aircraft!  Lots of it was luck, of course, with low percentage deflection shots hitting and an incredible stroke of luck hitting a Bf-109 with some rockets that I was unloading just to get rid of them prior to a dogfight!

It's in the "entertaining" movie section.

29 December 05:

Gosh, I've been so busy with work and junk that I haven't had much time to update this page!  I've stuck in a few things on the forum, such as my TIR4 review....and looking forward to the next few months of busy busy time at work to calm down.  I've been out of town quite a bit, so I haven't really been flying that much, let alone film making.

Big thanks to Mike for emailing me with the Gunnery manual in the "Other Files" section being broken.  All fixed!

28 August 05:

Ghaaa!  Internet-Maxx went out of business, and the forums were held on the .us domain site they were hosting.  After wrestling with trying to figure it all out and get it working on this main site (and server), I finally took the plunge and put the problem up on and a very competent fellow fixed it within hours.  Best ten bucks I've spent lately.

Anyhow, link is updated for the new forum - so once again we start from scratch, but this time it's as solid as the rest of the site.  My apologies to all.

Work and life has had me as busy as can be, so I haven't made any more movies.  I'm part of a larger IL-2 movie project, though, and what's coming out of that is going to be truly amazing!

11 June 05:

Wow, they "released" the 4.0 patch/upgrade that seriously improved the sim (which I thought was impossible), but it turns out that it was a final candidate!  Well, the cat's out of the bag, and since it was on an open ftp site without password and, unlike the beta files I've seen didn't have the word "beta" in it's title, lots of us grabbed it in good faith.  To those who have gone on a tirade about how it's all thievery based on the lack of an official announcement, I have one thing to say: go soak your head. 

When the powers that be make it common practice to announce anything beforehand - heck, even after the fact - consistently, you'll get some traction to your tirades.

Anyhow, torque is now modeled, and so taking off can be a challenge.  I made a short film on how to take off using the 4.0 FM and the IL-2.  It's in the training film section.

I'm toying with some ideas on how to defray some of the cost of the site.  I dislike straight up donations, so I'm thinking of putting out a small product line of goods, from which I'll get a bit of swag from.

30 May 05:

Wow, what a month!  Mostly it's been dominated by a nasty head cold that became a nastier chest cold, putting me down for a solid week.  Yuck.  But I did manage to finally finish the Tolwyn Music Video.  It's in the "fun" movie section.

10 May 05:

It's been a busy couple of months, and if you've visited the forums, you've seen a couple of tracks added and some news on what I'm working on.  Naturally, with one project 85% done and another being "story boarded," I made a completely different film in one sitting - a familiarization film on wingman tactics.  2GvSAP Mohawk makes it easy, that's for sure.

7 March 05:

For those of you not visiting the forums, it would seem that the site is pretty much dead.  For those that have, you know there have been a few movies put out, as well as a feature article on SimHQ written by yours truly.

I'm also going to stick out some of the films hanging around my hard drive that simply haven't been put on the web for one reason or another, or movies on the site but not advertised.

Big secret goings on as well.  The fine folks at Matrix Games asked me to review two campaigns for IL-2 - Fall Blue and The Last Days.  I'm working through the Fall Blau (as it's called in German) right now, expect a review soon.  I gotta say that the Soviet campaign is very, very good.  I sure feel like I'm facing a superior German Luftwaffe as they overwhelm the border, that's for sure.  Even more crazy is that I got both copies for free - and while that's way cool, my perspective as a primarily online type may be different from the standard reviewers.

Who'd of thought some goofy videos and hanging about SimHQ forever would net me a moderator job, a feature article, and somehow enough attention to be considered knowledgeable enough to review expansion packs! 

There actually is a super-secret project in the works; but it may be until Summer or even Fall before it's done.

Our house in Alabama is done (refurbished between renters), so I actually have some time on my hands.  Look for more stuff to hit the site very soon.

20 January 05:

 I know I haven't updated the website, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sticking things out here - if you've been looking at the forum page you'd of gotten ahold of the Dauntless video.  I'm also putting up a fun short film about the hazards of taking off; it's in the "fun" video section along with a proper link to the Dauntless film.

I hope and trust y'all had a good holiday!  It was grand for us as well.  We're upgrading/fixing the house in Alabama for the next set of renters, which included me replacing a section of fence.  The wife had to have the drive shaft to the Mustang fixed (hey, I plan on staying married, so no, I didn't ask how in the heck she bent the drive shaft), and my son has decided that making home movies of himself and charming me to put them on DVD is the cat's *ss.  I swear he gets it from me.

I wrote UBI about getting permission to make an instructional DVD using the sim, but no response yet.  I hate to do it, but in order to get it right (including basic flight and Advanced Combat Maneuvering), the size of the files simply demand it.

The "How to Dive Bomb in a Stuka" film is in the works and will be put on the site for free, tho...

Also, Tolywn made another great song and I'm gonna ask him if I can make the video for it.

13 December 04:

Got the forum working on the .us site that I use to spread out the bandwith, but it seems to have gone wonky.  Thanks for your patience.

"How to Destroy Anti-Aircraft Defenses" training film is up, look for it in the Instructional part of the Movies section.

Merry Christmas to all if I don't update the news portion of the site until after the holidays!

9 November 04:

Still haven't sorted out the forum yet, but as consolation, two new instructional videos - how to land on a carrier, including the race track approach pattern, and how to land a Corsair, which is causing folks problems.

1 November 04:

Folks, it's been quite a year.  What I thought would be a cute diversion that might get a hit or two has become something of a monster, a bandwith and resource eating hog that has caused numerous suspensions and difficulties.

Thanks to the most understanding wife in the whole world, the site is now on a dedicated server.  What that means is that I no longer have a hosting company - I am my own "hosting company," and the only thing on the server is this site (and soon, the "backup" site).  The best way to beat the competition is to become one's own monopoly.

I'd like to apologize for the outages to all, and thank you for the great vote of acceptance through visiting the site.

It's going to be awhile to get everything back up to speed, including the forum (which I'll have install, something I've never done), so I'll ask your patience.

13 October 04:

Write this down, boys and girls: IT IS STUPID TO RELEASE THREE TRAINING FILMS AT ONE TIME.  The bandwith throughput to the server was enough to crash it, and when they investigated....well, the site was suspended.  It's back up now, and hopefully everyone got them before the party was over.

Naturally, the site was zeroed out, so back to square one, reloading the whole darned thing.  Naturally, there will be broken links and the forum is back to nothing.  Again.  Thanks for your support.

I'm working on getting some help in hosting the training files from a very exciting source.  Unfortunately, I told the truth about the bandwith throughput dangers, so they might decide against it.

I hadn't forgotten about those that submitted great stuff to include in the website - give it some time and I'll do my best to give y'all your props!

3 October 04:

Two, possibly three, new training films up - Ground Attack, Attacking AA guns, and (hopefully) Defeating AA Defenses.  It's been a busy month for me; my apologies for not updating the site with more content.  Lots and lots on the burner almost ready for prime time.

If the insomnia strikes, I'll have a contributor section up for all the great stuff folks are sending me, stories and tracks and stuff.

8 September 04:

Apologies to everyone for the site being down.  The server crashed and it took awhile for them to fix it.  There's going to be a bunch of stuff added in the near future, including two more instructional videos and two more fun videos as well as an expansion to the stories.  A fellow FB'er wrote some fine tales that warrant their own place on the site, and it's my honor to post them.  And a squaddie wrote up a fight we had, so I wrote what it looked like from my perspective - neither of us got all the details right, as the included track will show!

17 August 04:

Still some dead links, I'm trying to sort it all out.  Geez, what a rat's nest of a site I put together, just stuff every danged where.

Big movie released - 46 MB worth, "Stukas, Folke-Wulfs, and Other Hazards" is the name of it, a bit of Clash of Titans tournament fun that got translated to the Internet screen.  I must say, one of my best showings ever.  Sadly, I couldn't fit any polka into it, but there's some Jazz.  ;)

10 August 04:

 Moved the site to a different host to give more bandwith.  Some stuff may not work, I'm slowly fixing the missing bits!  ;)

22 July 04:

Story added - a telling of my latest tournament flight.  Not bad, I got two 109's and lived to tell the tale!

10 July 04:

I forgot to put in here that there is now a training section to the movies with both "how to" skip bomb videos.  I also made a movie detailing our first mission in the Clash of Titans tournament.

9 June 04:

New movie up, "2GvSAP Charlie Takes on the Hun," it's first on the bottom of the entertainment movies.

8 June 04:

Using the old saw that those who can't do, teach, I decided to make an instructional video on how to skip bomb.  It's a humongerous file at 33 MB, but it does show how to skip bomb small and medium ships.

5 May 04:

Movie added - this time four of us 2GvSAP fellows got together and struck some ships using P-40's - three on strike and one in escort flying a Spitfire.

29 April 04:

 Yet another movie added, "Rocket Strike;" Boomer scored a hit on a 109 from long distance, knocking it down.  Fortunately, I was recording the online track....

19 April 04:

New movie added, "Northern Fleet Strikes the U-Boat," it's a bit different, no dogfighting but I kinda liked it.

12 April 04:

New story added, where we run a coop and I select the IL-2.  Based on the track file I put up last week.

8 April 04:

New track file, a coop mission where I flew an IL-2 on a tank busting mission.  It's a long one, but I got four Tigers!  It's soup-to-peanuts, from takeoff to landing, but I thought it was pretty cool.  I wrote up a story to go with it which is at the 2GvSAP site and will get transferred to the story section real soon.  I may make a movie from this track.

1 April 04:

The Tipperary movie almost killed my site.  Quite an honor to go through a little under 70 GB of bandwith last month!  My webhost asked if I was running a commercial (I think it was his nice way of saying porn) site!  LOL!

Work has been a bear with lots going on.  Thanks to Video TeleConferencing no travel has been required.  Still, if only there was a way to fake some technical difficulties to make it more entertaining.

9 March 04:

Linking up with the TB-3 and deploying in an I-16 sure is hair raising...check the movie page...

8 March 04:

UPS was nice enough to deliver my copy of Aces today, and after taking up a jet and yawning, I found something that just made my whole month - biplanes!  See the new movie, "Tipperary" in the movies section!

29 February 04:

New track file uploaded, a grand duel at high altitude with my Hurricaine versus a 109.  Better lucky than good is my motto.

26 February 04:

Things sure have been busy around here, but I did manage a bit of flying and made a video with some music with it.  Check out the new "Looking Out My Back Door" video on the movies page.

16 February 04:

I know it's been awhile since I updated the site, but between work and the host getting hacked, etc., it's been a busy month.

First, there's a new movie, "Ring Gunnery" where I try out the RAF manual in the Hurricane.  Suprising results.

Also, goofing about late at night resulted in this bit of foolishness, made on something of a bet by a coworker,

I'm waiting on the expansion to get rolling on the Stolen Stuka movie as well.

16 January 04:

Our weekly match with the WW's was a tough one, mostly due to the aircraft - early Hurri's vs. 109/F4 in a wild mission to shoot down the JU-52's they were pursuing.  See the tracks section for a download.

The mission itself is here.

10 January 04:

WooHoo!  I made it as a feature on  Wiley's Guncam and Movie site!  It's the music video, and I'm really happy folks liked it! 

According to the little stats thingy, about a quarter of you have bookmarked the site.  That's fantastic!  I'll do my best to ensure that the site is worth coming back to.  The site is going get slightly modified to help steer to stuff a little more directly.

I started work on the next movie, and I think I'll throw up a trailer of it either this weekend or later on in the week.  I've taken to doing the hardest parts of it first, as they're the most challenging and time intensive, and will probably dictate the in-between bits.

It's a challenge to balance my hobby time - do I work on the latest story of the online adventures, make movies, build missions, or simply fly, which is the real passion?

5 January 04:

Happy New Year!

First, how about some gunnery lessons courtesy of the RAF in 1943?  I don't know where I found them on the net, but they're too good not to share!  Look in the files section for it!

Secondly, there were some jems I put up that weren't for general consumption, but what the heck.  Two little films for you here and here.

Enjoy, there's more coming, I promise!

29 December 03:

Added two tracks of online flying - "Wild Melee" which is a great furball that just rocked!  The second is an IL-2 strike mission that shows both my bad and dumb luck.  Will I make it home?

This site is going to be added to the "Fansites" portion of the official UBI site for IL-2!  WooHoo!

22 December 03:

Okay, so I'm getting crazy with the site, but I had to add the most scary real life landing ever, which is part of the intro page about how crappy a pilot I am.

New track added where SpotC teaches me about fighting vertically.

I also put in my favorite bit of muzak, the infamous "Girl From Ipanema" done in such a manner as to make Ritalin moot.

As well as placed in a commercial from some foreign country in the "Other Files" section which I think is funny.

For actually checking the news part of my site, a bonus for you.  Perhaps I'll get a boycott from PETA, but I don't care!

20 December 03:

Two new tracks up - 2GvSAP_Uthor shows me all about "flying with scissors," and I get called a "pacific cheater!"

Nothing as complimentary as being called a cheater!

=38=TBird66 has published the objects guide for version 1.21!  WooHoo!  it's located in the Files section.

12 December 03:

The Flying For The First Time video ran so much bandwith (25GB in about four days) that the site was killed by my host's provider; Russ at Internet-Maxx did a super job fixing it!  I also got a mirror site for some of the bigger and more popular files to serve as a buffer against getting shut down.

I'm working on a 2nd Guards babe, but work goes slow for someone who's never done this sort of thing.  It's tricky stuff, you know, but I've selected Saskia Minsk to be my Assistant Political Officer; since I signed her up to help me pass out brochures and give lectures there have been few absences!

Add in a few movie projects ongoing, including a racing movie, a TB-3 and a 190 (for my Hun Bastage friends) tributes, and turning a match between the 2GvSAP and the Wing Walkers into a movie (complete with our TeamSpeak chatter), and things are filling up quickly in my spare time. 

New movie, "Closer_2" is up.  Kinda low-res owing to the fact I made it just to show that I still stink at this after a squaddie remarked that I am much better than I say I am after a lucky shot.  This film depicts what usually happens, the track taken about an hour earlier.