Other Files -

Stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else!

Gunnery manual from the RAF circa 1943 - I don't know where I got this off the Net - if you know, please contact me or put it in the forum page so I can give credit where it's due!

Bury's famous "Crimea Valley of Death" Coop mission - Bury's classic IL-2 coop mission updated for Forgotten Battles.  P-39's escort IL-2's while 109's and 190's attempt to stop them from hitting truck convoys!

The IL-2 song - "Flying for the First Time" is a little ditty by David "Tolwyn" Shaw and very professionally done.  He's probably thought this went into Internet obscurity, but I'm working up a movie to go with it (but that's a secret).

BBQ's Language Pack - Turn the Russian or German into accented English with this .zip file.  Very cool, it's more atmospheric than dumping the generic "US" voices into each folder.  It's in the samples/speech directory of IL-2 or IL-2:Forgotten Battles.    As always, back up your old stuff first.

Dart's DF Map - My DogFight map for hosting, front lines, targets to bomb, none of the hear-anywhere guns, almost all planes available for flying, on the small map.  Hosts 16 without much of a bump for me.

=38=TBird66's Object Guide - This is just too cool!  A "must have" if you build maps and missions!

2GvSAP_Hawker's daytime job - Sometimes you just don't want to know what people do in "Real Life."

Etiquette Guide for Online Play - Something I wrote for an unofficial IL-2 guide.

The Nibelungen - The German great saga translated into English.