Tracks -

Weekly matches between the 2nd Composite Guards and the Wing Walkers -We try to have a friendly match with our friends the Wing Walkers every Thursday, flying each mission twice - swapping sides to see what it's like on the "other side."  Each zip file has two tracks.

4 December match - Wow, the weather was for crap, I struggled to just keep sight of my own flight, let alone the WW's!

15 January Match - Polish Hurricanes vs. the 109/F-4's; tough mission to fly Red for...


Other tracks -

Tank busting in the coop!  You'll want to use the speed function as it's the Full Meal Deal from takeoff to landing!  I manage to bag four Tigers with the cannon!

Lucky shot! - My Hurricaine IIb vs. a 109 at high altitude.   With the slashing attacks and both of us pushing it to the edge, who will run out of luck before they run out of patience?  And what if a second 109 enters the equation?  A long track, but it shows how things can suddenly go for and against you and for you again in a split second....

Ocean Melee - This is the latest mix of fighters, this time over the "islands" map from the original IL-2.  Talk about target rich!  Featuring some darned good teamwork on the part of us Reds and 2GvSAP Uthor's Brewster That Would Not Die.

Wild Melee - Want to see an online furball?  Lots of very cool flying - the best thing to do is go external to the Number 7 BF-109, flown by "Endor," as he was center to the action and the whole thing revolved around him!

IL-2 airfield strike mission - Hawker and I take IL-2's to strike an airfield on a populated DF map - between the anti-air, the 109's, the friendly fire and my own lack of abilities, will I make it home?

Fighting In The Vertical - SpotC teaches me all about fighting up and down, a wild melee of scissors done vertically rather than horizontally.  His 109/G14 vs. my P-39N, in the end my bad habits show up and my own predictability and inability to counter a rear flanking position when climbing does me in - the results are spectactular!

Flying with scissors - Uthor and I square off in a dogfite that displays scissors done correctly and incorrectly.  No suprise who's the better pilot, of course I crash!

Pacific Cheater - This is an awesome bit of flying by myself - or, at least, the take-off was!  I managed to down three aircraft, though, and in the process got called a cheater!  WooHoo!  Proof that I may not be so bad at this after all.  No higher honor than being accused of cheating!

Taking on three 190's in a Yak-1 - Shooting them down wasn't really an option - since they were Wing Walkers!  I just tried to hold out as long as I could, switching targets and trying to keep them from getting organized.

Airfield Strike - We had formed up to strike an airfield (escorting a TB-2 and an IL-2).  When the WW's join the server just as we get there it turned into a wild melee that had me without ammo, low on altitude, airspeed, and begging to be let go.  A classic example of online flying when it's good - and some warping to show when it's bad. 


* All tracks are "as flown" without any editing of views - they have a tendency to corrupt if you edit them, and so you'll need to use manual views to get different perspectives or watch different planes. 

Tracks need to be placed in the /records directory of where your Forgotten Battles is on your hard drive.